Choosing a product for your field is dependent on the desired end use. The Experts at Pro Form Sports can recommend the proper system based on your needs, as one product does not fit all needs when it comes to synthetic turf. The years of experience available from our team will be invaluable as we work with you to find the best product at the best price to ensure a quality field designed specifically for your athletic requirements.


Slit Film

Slit Film fibers are widely used for applications where durability is the paramount purpose. The fibers themselves have a honeycomb look which holds infill in place more easily. Slit Film is not as aesthetically close to natural grass as monofilament, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in durability. This type of fiber works well for multiple sport activities.


Our diamond-shaped Monofilament fibers are widely used for application where the end user wants to achieve a more natural grass look and feel. The monofilament fiber allows more consistent play of the ball as well as increased stability for the athlete. This fiber is the most balanced option for each sport.


Our fibrillated thatch fibers are texturized below the face yarn. The thatch fiber allows for better recovery of the primary fiber and the overall appearance of the synthetic turf system. It allows the product to have a stronger, stabilized tuft bind which enhances the entire life cycle of the synthetic turf system.